Why I only accept PayPal

While I know that PayPal isn't the preferred payment processor for many people, there is no other system that works for the way I make and ship merch.

When you place an order, your order details (item, size, shipping information) are automatically sent to a fulfillment company which manufactures and ships your item on-demand. When you checkout, your payment is sent to my PayPal account, from which the cost of manufacturing & shipping is immediately deducted by said fulfillment company.

With every payment provider except PayPal, there is at minimum a whole business day delay on receiving payments: This means that I'm eating the cost of manufacturing for every order of a given day, running into a negative balance. While the payout the next day or so does come through, I'm already at a negative balance from the prior day's orders, so the balance is once again reduced to nothing; transaction fees also add to this deficit. I have tried to figure out a way to both offer affordable, high-quality Mystery Flesh Pit Merch while also offering many different payment options, but I have been unsuccessful in finding a way to do so. 

PayPal offers the ability to checkout without creating an account, using any one of the major credit cards. Thank you for reading this and understanding; hopefully things will change in the future.